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Yeah right :)

Yeah right :)

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The biggest lesson I learned in 2011.

Be careful who you trust, and vent to. You never know who could turn against you. You never know if they are going to tell everyone your secrets. You will never know if will stay and who will leave. 

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superr-engel said: ti post ah. haha

haha. reblog da dagita. :)) happy new year super E :))

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superr-engel said: dagita aaah. :) hahahah.

ti anya?

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Im sorry I cant,

  • sing amazingly to you
  • dance and impress you everytime
  • buy you the world
  • be the best looking
  • make you feel instantly better and always say the right things
  • make you laugh on command

but I promise when the time is right I will be able to hold your heart.

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